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UV / EB Sterilization Systems

The Iwasaki Electric Sterilization System, utilizing ultraviolet radiation and conforming with the HACCP, delivers perfect sterilization applicable for use in many industries.

UV Sterilization Systems

Egg sterilization for foods and ingredients of pharmaceutical products
Pre-Filling Container and Film Surface Sterilization

Pulsed Xenon Sterilization equipment

High-speed sterilization by high illuminance of Xenon lamps
Sterilization of plastic vials after filling with pharmaceutical liquid

Airflow UV Purification System “AIRLIA Ceiling”

Sterilization system through air circulating in the room with the fan, which is effective in sterilization of virus and bacteria suspended in the air

Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization

A floor-type air sterilizer, it can be used in areas frequented by people, and is easy to set up and move from one place to another

EB Irradiation Device for PET Bottle Sterilization / Filling System

This device makes it possible to sterilize PET bottles, which was formerly difficult due to complex PET bottle contours

Decontaminator / sterilizer “Active Dry”

This decontaminator / sterilizer for dental and medical use is capable of cleaning caps and dentures using a combination of UV radiation and excited oxygen

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