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Landscape Lighting

In pursuit of that beyond just illumination.

The technology and sensitivity required to create more comfortable and beautiful cities.

Mitsui Shopping Center LaLaport FUJIMI
Funazuka Sakura Street
Kannawa Onsen
Mita Shopping District

LED landscape luminaire “LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L”

With a diverse lineup of products and options to choose, the landscape luminaire provides a harmony with its surroundings

LED floodlight “LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR”

An LED floodlight capable of showing a variety of colors. With a color controller, it renders colors in accordance with a program. It can also maximize an effect by coordinating other floodlights

IoT lighting control system “Link-Core”

A DMX control system with Internet connectivity. The light can be controlled with various devices via Internet (API)

LEDioc Approach Quallis

LED approach light with controlled light distribution for better visibility and brightness of ambient environments

LED lamp for pole-top luminaire “LEDioc LED Lamp”

LED lamps that turns ordinary HID fixtures into LED fixtures

LED landscape luminaire “LEDioc Area Quallis”

LED landscape luminaire that provides a good-quality light suitable for surrounding environment

LED landscape luminaire “LEDioc Area Type D&G”

LED landscape luminaire enabling dimmer control to match the purpose and time of day

LED pole-top luminaire “LEDioc Area Technoray”

A basic design LED pole-top luminaire suitable for any place such as parks, public squares, and parking lots

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