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Automotive Testing Light Source

Japan is the leading manufacturer of automobiles in the world.
Iwasaki Electric’s light technology is also used in the evaluation of its high quality and safety performance.

Collision test site Light system for high-speed photography Courtesy of Mazda Motor Corp.

Light system for high-speed photography

Collision test site Optical simulations

High illumination and even light distribution are required at the collision test site. Iwasaki Electric satisfies customers' requirements with its long years of experience and the latest simulation technology

High output LED lighting system

High output LED lighting for high-speed photography. It delivers optical simulation with high performance and consistent quality, and also contributes to energy reduction

Units for overseas standards

Light source unit for chambers compliant with DIN75220/MIL-810G

A weathering evaluation standard required in Europe and the U.S. for automotive and other safety critical parts. We offer light sources that match the stringent spectral requirements specified in the standards

Environmental simulation system for evaluation purposes

VOC evaluation chambers

A large chamber that can measure the residual concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the cabin that affect a comfortable cabin environment

Environmental simulation system for evaluation purposes

Exhaust gas measurement Environmental test room

An environmental test chamber and light source device that reproduces the SC03 Driving schedule environment used to measure emission levels

Infrared daylight device

An artificial weather chamber that can apply thermal load to objects with infrared lamps. It is possible to perform heat resistance performance and air condition test in various environments

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