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Commercial and Billboard Lighting

Iwasaki Electrics pursues brightness, liveliness, fineness, and cost efficiency for a variety of commercial and billboard lighting.

Super Autobacs KUKI
Iwaki Optical Tama Plaza Tokyu Store
BIC CAMERA Yurakucho Store

“LEDioc LED Spotlight”

A variety of LED spotlights to enhance liveliness of commercial areas and energy efficiency simultaneously

“LEDioc LED Downlight / Universal Downlight”

A variety of lineups designed to provide ambience for many places including spaces with high-bay, stores, and private spaces

High intensity & color rendering LED “Vivid Series” “Vivid LEDioc Flood Neo”, “Vivid LEDioc Flood Urbanview Ⅱ”

An LED light that brightens beauty and colorfulness of scenes and objects

LED floodlight “LEDioc Flood Neo”

An LED floodlight with wide light distribution. It comes with 4 types

“LEDioc LED EYE Lamp”

An efficient LED lamp series for billboard and store lighting

LED floodlight “LEDioc Flood Urbanview Direct”

A floodlight that can be installed in a space less than 0.5m which is too narrow for other floodlights to be installed

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