Privacy policy

Statement of Basic Policy on Protecting Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of protecting our customers' personal information, Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd., observes the laws and standards relating to personal information and has voluntarily established internal regulations as well as a system for handling personal information. Furthermore, Iwasaki Electric has implemented a Personal Information Protection Policy as below, and works to review and improve the policy on an ongoing basis.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

When Iwasaki Electric requests personal information from a customer, it shall specify the purpose of use of the information. As a general rule, personal information shall not be used for other than the stated purpose without consent from the customer.

2. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Iwasaki Electric will not provide personal information obtained from customers to third parties except when outsourcing work to a third party to accomplish the stated purpose, in which case an agreement shall be concluded for maintaining confidentiality of the personal information and proper management and monitoring shall be carried out, and in the following cases:

  • When consent is obtained from the customer.
  • When required to do so based on the law.
  • When required to protect the life, bodily safety, or property of an individual, to improve public hygiene, or for the sound upbringing of children, and there is a problem in obtaining consent from the customer.
  • When required to cooperate with the work of the national government specified by law.

3. Managing the Security of Personal Information

Iwasaki Electric shall manage and store personal information provided by customers with care, and take reasonable security measures and endeavor to ensure security such that improper access, alteration, misuse, loss, disclosure and other such acts do not occur to customers' personal information. In addition to implementing educational activities for employees, Iwasaki Electric shall install a responsible manager in each department that handles personal information to manage personal information appropriately.

4. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When a customer makes a request within a reasonable scope such as confirmation or correction of their personal information, Iwasaki Electric shall comply promptly after confirming the identity of that customer.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.