Our Business

Employing light technology to create a comfortable society and sustainable environment

Lighting business

Creation of optimal lighting environments

The lighting business of Iwasaki Electric is growing around two areas of core technology

  • development of light sources for generating light
  • development of lighting fixtures providing better lighting environments

Applied Optics and Environment business

Solution technology

Iwasaki Electric has created diverse applied optics systems harnessing light source and optical control technology on the highest levels worldwide. These systems constitute solution technology for achievement of technical innovation and cost reduction in industry and society at large.

Development of business in overseas markets

A sales network covering the globe

With core sales subsidiaries in North America, Greater China and Asia amongst other regions, Iwasaki Electric offers worldwide market coverage for lighting and solutions.

Together with our customers for 75 years

We are committed to continued creation of light for future generations

On August 18, 2019, Iwasaki Electric celebrated its 75th anniversary.