Information Display Systems

Communication through light. The ongoing creation of information systems light sources.

Tunnel Emergency Alarm System

Installed at the entrance of a tunnel, this display system is designed to prevent or minimize the occurrence of secondary disasters in the event an accident has occurred inside the tunnel

LED Traffic Information Display Boards

Helping to ease congestion and prevent road accidents, LED display boards relay traffic information to drivers in real time

Stadium Display Boards

The most technologically advanced, wide vision display boards that are an invaluable addition to any stadium

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) Unit

A power supply system that supplies power in the event of a power failure. It enables to continuously display the necessary information even when the power system is down due to a disaster

Discharge Warning Display System

Installed at dams and river valleys, this display system alerts people in the watershed in the event of an emergency or when water is discharged from a dam or weir

Central Monitoring & Control System

This monitoring and control system gathers, analyzes and delivers road traffic information as well as a wide range of meteorological information