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High-bay and Factory Lighting

Meet the comfort and safety in factory and warehouses by Iwasaki Electric’s advanced technology and fine design.

Kohchi‐City Central Wholesale Market
Narita International Airport 7th Cargo
Terminal Building Tobu Railway Minami Kurihashi Inspection and Repair Facility
Kirin Beer Nagoya Plant

“LEDioc LED EYE Lamp SP”

An LED lamp suitable for a facility with high-bay such as warehouse and arena. It can be used as a floodlight

LED high-bay lights “LEDioc HIGH-BAY α”

LED high-bay lights with thermal and vibration resistance suitable for a factory and warehouse

“LEDioc explosion-proof lighting equipment”

The type examination of Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare compliant explosion-proof LED luminaires-available in a broad range of variants to meet broad range of applications and requirements

LED high-bay lights “LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ”

An LED high-bay lights that can be used for a low temperature environment below -30 degrees Celsius, such as a factory and warehouse

LED base light “LEDioc Multi Line”

A waterproof LED lighting equipment for outdoor use

LED floodlight “LEDioc Flood Spolart”

An LED floodlight with same or smaller dimension and weight as ordinary floodlights. The frame can be used without replacement. High heat resistance models (-5°C〜+50°C) are available

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