Environmental Simulation Systems / Irradiation Services

Iwasaki Electric’s light technology makes it possible to provide an efficient testing environment that is not affected by weather, season, or time.

SUV-W262 experiment scene

Weather Resistance Tester

XER-W83 (xenon tester)

International standard weathering tester equipped with a xenon light source that correlates well with exposure tests

SUV-W161 (UV tester)

Using metal halide lamp UV irradiation, the SUV-W161 reproduces a one-year outdoor exposure test in about 48 hours. It is an ultra-rapid testing machine that supports Japan's advanced technology

Large-scale environmental testing equipment

4D MULTI-Chamber

A test system that enables environmental testing of the entire product in a large testing space. The light source can be selected according to the customer's needs

Irradiation Services

Electron Beam Irradiation Facility

The irradiation facility consisted of experimental machines, pilot lines, and the largest production line in Japan. It offers total solutions from research and experimentation to production, including material modification (cross-linking), polymerization (curing), and sterilization

Irradiation Services

Weather Resistance Tester Irradiation Services
4D MULTI-Chamber Irradiation Services

Iwasaki Electric offers irradiation services for weathering testers (XER and SUV) and 4D multi-chambers at our Saitama Plant. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as test irradiation before purchase, additional testing when your facilities are in busy periods, and reducing equipment installation costs

Solar Simulation System

Designing by using 4 kinds of light distribution (metal halide lamp: natural sunlight, halogen lamp, infrared lamp and mixing lights: metal halide + halogen) makes the best lighting pattern possible

Environmental chamber

Large photo-irradiation chamber accommodating a passenger car. In use for a variety of applications, including thermal resistance testing and VOC measurement. Also accommodates component size

Super Accelerated Weathering Tester (Metal Halide Lamp)

Reproduction of a one-year outdoor exposure test in about 48 hours. An ultra-acceleration type of test unit supporting Japan's leading-edge technology

UV irradiation system for large sample (10-30SUN)

UV irradiation system to test a large sample with its spacious sample room, allowing a test without alternating the sample