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Sports Lighting Grounds

Otani Gakuen Yokohama Hayato Junior and Senior High SchoolYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Using LED lights to brightly light the facilities of a school characterized by a rich educational environment, achieving power savings while contributing to the creation of a safe and worry-free space

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  • LED
  • The 4th floor lecture hall is used for a variety of purposes, including as a venue for university entrance exams. It is lit with 111W LEDioc HIGH-BAY α lights to ensure sufficient brightness.


Installation date

August, 2017

Yokohama Hayato Junior and Senior High School is a private junior and senior high school that has established an educational environment specializing in human resource development aiming at both literary and military accomplishment while cherishing the potential of each individual under the school motto of "Becoming Essential and Reliable People". The senior high school has 2 faculties (one for general education and comprising three courses, and one for international languages), implements a unique learning support program that includes 2 terms, 5-week days every other week, and early-morning tests, and with increased numbers of current graduates entering elite national and public universities, is steadily building up a track record as a private school focused on preparing students to get into universities. Furthermore, it also promotes club activities based on the desire for students to have a more rewarding student lifestyle, and many students are members of various sports and cultural clubs. It flourishes as a champion sports school, with many of its sports clubs leaving their mark, including the baseball club, which was part of the summer national Koshien competition, and its table-tennis club, which can be described as being at the top level nationally. In addition to the sports clubs, the cultural clubs such as the art club and concert band are also vibrantly active. The school has a full range of facilities located in the midst of a richly verdant natural environment on spacious premises of roughly 60000m², and during its summer holiday period in 2017, carried out work to change the lighting for its sports grounds (No. 1, No. 2), main-building 4th floor lecture hall, and gymnasiums (No. 3, No. 4) to LED. The work for the changeover to LED lighting fittings has been met with great satisfaction since activities and events have taken place at the lecture hall, gymnasiums, and sports grounds. The merits of LED lights are being low-maintenance due to a long operating life, being easy to use because they can be turned on or off instantaneously, and being unattractive to insects, and since the upgrade to LED lighting, a real sense of reductions in power usage and power charges can be felt when looking at the meter readings. However, most of all, the consensus is that the large-scale improvements in brightness from the change to LED will lead to the creation of a safe and worry-free environment for students.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY α

    111W - 48

    145W - 24

  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 210W type - 56

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