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Shimotsuma Junior High School Sports GroundShimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Creating a safety-conscious sporting environment by selecting location-appropriate LED lighting fixtures

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  • The baseball field is lit by 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights with wide-angle light distribution, ensuring sufficient brightness for infield practice even during evenings.


Installation date

March, 2020

Adjacent wetlands and surrounded by the vast expanse of Sanuma Park, Shimotsuma Junior High School is a junior high school that provides an environment where students can enjoy a carefree and fulfilling school life.

From 2015, Shimotsuma Junior High School planned a renovation of its aging old school building, and opened a new three-story building facing the school sports ground. In conjunction with this, sports ground maintenance work was also carried out, including new installations of lighting for the sports ground and baseball field and auxiliary lighting for the tennis courts. Several lights had previously been installed for the baseball field, but the sports ground and tennis courts did not have any, so new lights were installed to improve safety for various club activities, such as evening practices and ball-collection. A total of 20 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-power LED floodlights were installed on the sports ground, which is used for physical education classes, soccer and athletics, and on the baseball/softball field, efficiently illuminating the sports ground, which measures approximately 129m × 86m, and the baseball/softball field, which measures approximately 110m × 87m. When installing the lighting, the installation locations and light distribution angles were given due consideration in order to prevent glare from being reflected into the school building.

Furthermore, 6 units of 500W LEDioc TENNISTER specialist outdoor tennis court lighting fixtures were installed for the tennis courts and the adjacent baseball pitching practice area, and they illuminate the space evenly while suppressing light pollution. Given that the lighting will be used for club activities for junior high school students, instead of excessive lighting equipment, we chose appropriate lighting fixtures for each location after looking for optimum brightness, and we believe we have created a favorable and environmentally conscious lighting environment.


  • LEDioc LED LIGHT-BULB 56W - 14

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 20

  • LEDioc TENNISTER 500W type - 6

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