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Mashiki Citizen's Sports GroundMashiki Town, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture

LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights brightly illuminate a local sports ground in the town of Mashiki, which is recovering from the Kumamoto Earthquakes

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  • LED
  • The lights turned on at night. Wide-angle 830W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights efficiently illuminate the sports ground, ensuring a brightness for rubber baseball of at least 300ℓx for the infield and at least 200ℓx for the outfield.


Installation date

June, 2019

Mashiki Citizen's Sports Ground is facility with a multi-purpose sports ground able to be used for 2 baseball fields or 4 softball fields, as well as a mini-soccer ground, and a sumo wrestling area. Due to its position as the core location for outdoor sports in Mashiki, it is used as a center to encourage sports and health for the townspeople.

Three years have passed since the Kumamoto Earthquakes that occurred in 2016, and the town of Mashiki has been moving forward in stages with restoration and reconstruction projects. Maintenance and lighting work was carried out on the local sports ground, which was rendered unusable by the disaster, and it became available for use again in July 2019. The previous night-game lighting equipment used metal halide lamps, but these and their supports were replaced during the renovations with 830W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-power LED floodlights. The layout is basically the same as the previous one, with lighting poles for 6 or 4 lamps installed depending on location.

The upgrade to LED lighting has led to a feeling of increased brightness and has contributed to significant power savings, including electricity bills reduced to around half. In addition, using a barcode-type lighting board that can turn lights on or off simply by holding a two-dimensional barcode over it has also delivered advantages through a reduction in labor involved in management. The availability of night-game lighting varies slightly depending on the season, but it is available 3 hours each day, so the expectation is that it will be taken advantage of by many people.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 830W Wide Angle type - 80

  • Electric Bug Killer - 8

  • BOIQS Bar code-type lighting board - 1

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