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Tokiwa University Kobuki Sports GroundMito City, Ibaraki Prefecture

A change to LED night-game lighting for the baseball and softball fields located within a university general sports ground boasting a full range of facilities creates a bright and pleasant lighting environment

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  • LED
  • A full view of the baseball field at night with the lights turned on. The LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights realize significant energy savings, brightly illuminating the green of the natural turf and creating a bright and comfortable visual environment.


Installation date

August, 2018

Tokiwa University is a private university located on part of Kairakuen Park in Mito City, and provides an integrated education within lushly verdant surrounds as an incorporated educational institution that includes a graduate school, vocational college, senior high school, 6-year integrated secondary school and a kindergarten. Kobuki Sports Ground is in Mito City's Kobuki-cho, and its vast space of more than 50000m² is a general sports ground with a full range of facilities that supports physical education and club activities for the students.

Tokiwa University carried out renovation work on the lighting for its baseball and softball fields, changing the night-game lighting to LED. The baseball field, which is mainly used as a baseball field for the university's regulation baseball club, measures 92m for both left field and right field, and 122m for center field, which means it can be used for official games. It did have night-game lighting equipment installed, but this was upgraded from the perspective of improving brightness and promoting power savings by replacing the existing 1000W metal halide lamps with high-power 830W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights. By installing the same number of lamps in the same positions as the existing ones, a bright and comfortable night-game lighting environment was created, achieving a boost in power while also saving power.

In addition, the softball field, which is used as a dedicated field for the high school girls' softball club, also underwent a similar a change of its night-game lighting to LED, with the use of 830W/560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights improving brightness and creating a favorable and highly uniform visual environment. The renovation to LED lighting has been well received by students, who comment on the new brightness, and the consensus is that a better environment conscious of power-saving has been created.



    830W type (Wide Angle) - 36

    830W type (Middle Angle) - 16

    560W type (Wide Angle) - 8

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