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Kokushikan University, Kaedenomori (Maple Forest) GroundMachida City, Tokyo

Creating a highly uniform, high-performance lighting environment through LED floodlighting, on a JFA* accredited campus ground (*JFA = Japan Football Association)

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  • LED
  • Full Output Configuration:Producing the 500ℓx level required for official competition soccer matches as specified by JIS regulations, the lush green, long pile artificial grass field enjoys a pleasant lighting environment with uniform coverage.


Installation date

August, 2020

Established in 1917, Kokushikan is a comprehensive educational institution steeped in over a century of history and tradition, comprising 7 university faculties, 10 graduate schools, and an integrated coeducational Junior High / High School. The university is spread over three separate campuses across Tokyo in the areas of Machida, Tama, and in Setagaya where the main campus as well as the Junior High / High School are located.

Characterized amongst other things by its prowess across a wide range of sporting areas including judo, baseball, soccer and long-distance running, the university boasts a wide variety of clubs and associations, and is accordingly equipped with many high-quality sports facilities. Spanning an area of 2500m² and enjoying an overall plot area of approximately 42000m², the Kokushikan Maple Forest campus ground situated in Machida City, Tokyo, becomes the university's fourth campus. Commencing in 2018 and originally scheduled for completion in January 2020, the project was eventually completed in August 2020 after a delay of seven months resulting from the impact of various external factors, including the Coronavirus pandemic. Conceived as a JFA accreditation-level facility and used as the home field for the Junior High & High School soccer teams, the grounds also play host to matches across a variety of levels, from practice sessions of the university soccer team, to hosting matches in the national High School Soccer Championships and the Eastern Japan Soccer League. Designated also as one of the region's disaster evacuation meeting points, there is an overarching vision in place for the grounds to give back to the local community, through making the facilities available for public use, and through projects such as helping the development and growth of disabled sports.

When used during hours of low light, the long-pile artificial grass field is illuminated by the high-efficiency LED floodlight LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 830W, mounted upon 8 separate masts, each with groupings of 10 units apiece comprising a combination of medium and wide beam angle versions. The configuration of the scheme can be adapted to produce light levels of 500ℓx across the whole pitch, 200ℓx across the whole or half of the pitch, or 100ℓx across the whole or half of the pitch. Through incorporating the lighting controls platform ITACS-M System, the scheme is designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate; it has also been set up to automatically switch itself off at night if left on beyond a pre-specified time. Furthermore, the floodlights feature a constant output mechanism whereby the initial lumen output is suppressed so as not to exceed the maintenance factor calculated design specifications, thus ensuring a lumen output level that remains consistent throughout the entirety of their product life and contributing towards energy savings. The field is most frequently used by pupils and students, who are able to enjoy a highly pleasant lighting environment, combining an ample light level of 200ℓx with high levels of uniformity and great consideration given to glare levels.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 830W type - 80

  • Electric Bug Killer - 8

  • LEDioc AREA BRICIA 60W class - 10

  • LEDioc AREA ALIVIO - 6

  • LEDioc STREET 20VA - 1

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 30 class - 5

  • LEDioc APPROACH type-D - 1

  • Lighting Control System ITACS-M System - 1

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