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Suma Gakuen Sports GroundKobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights illuminate a baseball/soccer ground to create a pleasant viewing environment enabling comfortable enjoyment of sports at night.

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  • The sports ground is vividly lit using 830W LEDioc FLOOD DUEL lights, which have a brightness equivalent to that from 1500W metal halide lamps, making for night-game lighting that realizes significant power savings and enables comfortable practice even at night.


Installation date

March, 2019

Suma Gakuen is a private junior and senior high school that engages in education with an emphasis on internationalism, expertise, and humanity under the slogan "To be Myself,..." Founded in 1922 and with a history of nearly 100 years, the school's name was changed from that of its predecessor, Suma Girls' High School, when it became co-educational in in 1999. The school became an integrated junior and senior high school with the opening of the junior high school in 2004, and it is known as one of the leading high-level schools in Hyogo Prefecture. In addition, it also offers thriving extracurricular activities, and features a full range of facilities for easy participation in club activities, including a martial arts hall, 50m pool, gymnasium, archery hall, athletics ground, ball-sports ground, and tennis courts, etc. Suma Sports Ground is a baseball/soccer ground located in Shirakawa, Suma-ku. A school bus runs between the school and the sports ground, which provides an environment where students can concentrate on club activities.

In March 2019, Suma Sports Ground was the site of work carried out by Suma Gakuen to install new nighttime lighting equipment. As lighting to illuminate the sports ground brightly and safely at night, a combination of wide-angle and medium-angle 830W LEDioc FLOOD DUEL high-power LED floodlights was installed, ensuring sufficient spatial brightness and creating a pleasant and highly uniform lighting environment. Being mindful of glare control, great care was taken to carefully aim the LED floodlights during their installation so as to ensure ball-visibility was not affected negatively.

With the night lighting equipment now fully installed, we are pleased with how happy the students are that they can now fully concentrate on their practice during the evenings in such a comfortable visual environment without worrying about the darkness.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 830W type - 48

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 150 Class - 4

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 6

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