Sports Lighting Grounds

Tsukubamirai City Sports Park, Baseball Field and Tennis CourtsTsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture

High-efficiency LEDioc FLOOD AVANT floodlights create a comfort lighting environment at night for the well-equipped sports facilities

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  • The baseball ground is illuminated by compact and highly efficient LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights, delivering an excellent lighting scene with high levels of uniformity.

  • Offering brightness levels on a par with 1000W metal halide lamps, LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights contribute greatly towards energy savings maintaining the sufficient illuminance levels.

  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights provide light for the baseball ground.

  • A combination of medium narrow, medium, and wide beam angle models of LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights delivers even, uniform light levels across the tennis courts to provide an environment where play can continue be enjoyed in comfort outside of daylight hours.

  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 in situ.

  • Floodlighting control panel on the tennis courts.

  • Tablet control panel, which allows for easy operation of each lighting column, in addition to simple verification of their operational status.


Installation date

February, 2023

The well-equipped Tsukubamirai City Sports Park offers an array of sporting facilities including a sports hall, baseball ground, tennis courts, martial arts area, gateball court and multipurpose field amongst others; with a view towards reducing CO₂ emissions and energy consumption, the municipal authorities carried out works at the site in February 2023 which saw the existing lighting installations on the baseball ground and tennis courts replaced with compact and highly efficient LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights.

A bright and highly uniform lighting scheme meeting the requirements of JIS Lighting Standards Category II for baseball (Infield 500ℓx, Outfield 300ℓx) has been delivered at the baseball ground, while the four tennis courts have been illuminated to fulfil a criteria of 350ℓx average illuminance.

The additional incorporation of the Wi-CONNECTY wireless controls system provides further added value to the upgrades, bringing a flexibility of operation which makes possible a variety of illumination configurations through wireless controls. Easily operated through use of a tablet based control panel, the system also offers the convenience of being able to activate and deactivate the lights, as well as rapid verification of their operational status, working to deliver a lighting scheme which provides a playing environment that can be enjoyed in comfort beyond daylight hours.


  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 - 122

  • Wireless Control System Wi-CONNECTY - 1