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Oyumino Golf GardenChiba City, Chiba Prefecture

LED night lighting brightly and evenly illuminates a spacious fairway

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  • LED
  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights have been installed in combinations involving 560W wide-angle (custom specification 4000K) and medium-angle (5000K) lights, and 830W medium angle (5000K) lights, creating a good visual environment in which the light reaches 220 yards away. (After the refurbishment)


Installation date

July, 2018

Oyumino Golf Garden is a golf practice range, a lushly verdant area blessed with a warm climate. It features 80 tee-off boxes spread over its 1st and 2nd floors, a 220-yard, spacious fairway allowing driving to one's heart's content, and a parking lot for 100 vehicles. The practice range is open all day until 9:30 PM, and is used by many golfers, including those who live in the vicinity and those who use the nearby golf courses.

In July 2018, the lighting equipment was refurbished, and the fairway lighting converted to LED. The clubhouse lighting was also changed to LED, realizing both power savings and improved brightness. The lighting design for the fairway lighting was based on the theme of "making golf balls easier to see", and in place of the of the metal halide lamps attached to the existing concrete pillars, LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-power LED floodlights were installed on newly created rooftop mounts to achieve increased brightness with a reduced number of lamps. We decided on the LED floodlights after testing and confirming their brightness in advance using temporary demonstration lights put in place on the roof.

In addition, because the fairway is natural turf, sufficient consideration was given to how it would look during the winter, and we also installed custom-made 4000K LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights to illuminate the short-distance green areas. After the upgrade to LED lighting, the light reaches to 220 yards away, making it easier to see where the balls fall, and this has been well received by customers, who comment on how bright it now is. We believe that this lighting renovation has enabled the creation of a night lighting environment that ensures a comfortable brightness, and so now even more people will be able enjoy their golf practice.



    560W type/Wide Angle type - 5

    560W type/Middle Angle type - 3

    830W type/Middle Angle type - 7

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