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KS Golf GokanTamano City, Okayama Prefecture

A change to LED lighting for a golf practice range boasting a full range of facilities including a short course, achieving power savings and a pleasant light environment in which it is easy to see the trajectories of hit balls

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  • A night-time view of the golf practice range, which has 100 tee-off boxes spread over its two floors.


Installation date

August, 2015

KS Golf Gokan is a golf practice range with a full range of facilities, including 100 tee-off boxes spread over its two floors; a spacious, 250-yard driving range (roughly 150m to the point furthest from the stands, and a width of 71m); a 6-hole, all-natural-grass short course; putting/bunker practice areas; a golf shop; a restaurant; and parking for 150 vehicles. KS Golf Gokan carried out renovation work on its lighting equipment, changing it to LED lighting with the aims of reducing power consumption, improving visibility for flying balls that fall after hitting the nets at the furthest points, improving visibility for flying balls in the 100-150m range with a perpendicular height of around 30m, and improving the overall brightness of the golf course. High-output 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL and 190W LEDioc FLOOD BLITZ LED floodlights were installed in place of the existing 1000W HID-lamp floodlights, achieving large-scale reductions in power consumption through a reduction in the number of lights and output downsizing. The lighting for the furthest points comes from both the stands and in front of the nets, so the net-front fixtures were reduced in brightness from 1000W HID lamps to 200W LED fixtures, while 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL have been installed above the stands. Light from the high-output LED floodlights reaches the furthest points, and their installation has made space brightness more uniform, improved both vertical-plain and perpendicular brightness, and created a pleasant night-game lighting environment in which it is easy to see the spots where the hit balls fall.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 28


    380W type - 65

    190W type - 2

  • LEDioc LED Base light - 178

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