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Kawaguchi Green GolfKawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

New LED Lighting at Kanto's foremost golf facility is brighter and saves energy

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  • The spacious fairway, which has both natural and artificial turf, now has brightness, at the 175 meter point, measured at 200ℓx horizontally and 120ℓx vertically for superior uniformity.


Installation date

December, 2015

Since 1991, Kawaguchi Green Golf has been one of the largest golf practice facilities in the state of Saitama, with 300 tee-boxes fronting a 230 yard fairway. Golfers enjoy the latest technology, with automatic tee-up and a prepaid card system. There are also practice putting greens, a bunker practice area and a swing-check machine. The facility includes a meeting room, restaurant, pro shop, and workout room. Last year Kawaguchi Green Golf under went a major lighting retrofit, changing the fairway lighting to environmentally sustainable Iwasaki LEDioc DUELL LED Flood lights. The existing lighting on four poles was replaced with 25 floodlights installed on the roof above the three-story tee-boxes. The result is that the lighting on the fairway is now 1.5 times brighter, and golfers can now see their shots wherever they hit them. The light cutoff from LEDioc luminaires is excellent, and light trespass into the surrounding neighborhood has been drastically reduced. Kawaguchi Green Golf expects their business to increase, while saving significant money on maintenance and their power bill.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1000W type - 35

  • LEDioc LED Base Light - 501

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