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Garden Fujigaya Golf RangeKashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

A spacious fairway at a golf practice range boasting seasonal blooms of flowers lit with 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights to create a pleasant visual environment

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  • 24 units of 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-output LED floodlights have been installed on the rooftop, creating a favorable lighting environment in which light reaches beyond the 220-yard mark.


Installation date

December, 2016

Located in Chiba Prefecture's Kashiwa City, Garden Fujigaya Golf Range is a golf practice range offering a full range of facilities within - as its name suggests - a beautiful environment boasting flowers that bloom with each of the seasons planted on its grounds. In addition to the total of 100 tee-off boxes spread over its 1st and 2nd floors and actual 200- yard spacious fairway, it is also equipped with approaches, bunker practice areas, putting greens, studios, locker rooms, a café, golf shop and parking for 115 vehicles. The environment allows for worry-free driveshot practice, and is popular with both amateurs and advanced players alike, as well as a wide range of customers including women and seniors. Garden Fujigaya Golf Range has been using LED lighting for its parking area and signboard lights since 2015, and in December of 2016 carried out renovation work to change the lights lighting the fairway to LED. In place of the previous HID lighting, 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL highoutput LED floodlights that achieve a brightness equivalent to 1000W metal halide lamps were installed on top of the roof. Following the change to LED lighting, the area has become much brighter, with balls falling in the vicinity of the 220-yard marker able to be seen well. The consensus is that power savings have been achieved, while at the same creating a high-quality lighting environment that enables the enjoyment of golf practice in comfort at night.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 36

  • LEDioc ROAD J 60VA type - 12

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 80W - 8

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