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Tom Watson Golf CourseMiyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Revamped golf course fully equipped with night-game lighting to allow the enjoyment of golf under a perfect starlit sky

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  • LED
  • HID
  • A night-time view of the 16th hole. The light that illuminates the golf course can be seen from the hotels, creating attractive night scenery.


Installation date

September, 2014

Phoenix Seagaia Resort is located on the eastern coast facing the Pacific Ocean to the north of Miyazaki City. It is an integrated resort facility roughly 11km from north to south surrounded by black pine trees and spreading out over a nature-covered expanse of roughly 700ha. The Tom Watson Golf Course is one of the facility's two golf courses and is based on the design and inspiration of the American pro golfer Tom Watson - hence it is named after him. Opened in July of 1993, it is an 18-hole course navigated with ride-on carts. In April of 2013, it underwent large-scale renovations based on the concept of becoming "more appealing to women". All 18 holes were made single-green; special new "Tees" were established with distances even shorter than those for Ladies' Tees; and the ride-on carts were outfitted with the latest navigation systems. The clubhouse was remodeled with a more casual atmosphere and new powder-rooms were installed. The combination was to put in place a very attractive environment for ladies to enjoy golf. Then, in the summer of 2014, the course started offering "Night-Sky Golf", a rarity in Japan. This change has led to the birth of another kind of resort golf experience, one enjoyed in a magical space made of a fairway glittering in night-game lighting under the clear and starlit Miyazaki sky. Round ACROSTAR floodlights with 1000W metal-halide light sources were used for the night-game lighting along with the latest high-power 650W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL floodlights. These luminaires were arranged at each hole to account for the relevant location factors. The fairways are now lit with their high-power and power-saving light.


  • ACROSTAR Floodlight (EYE Multi Metal Halide Lamp 1000W - UV Cut type) - 235

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 650W - 52


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