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Golf Garden ForestYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Comfortably illuminating a golf practice range with LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights, which realize a higher-level lighting environment

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  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights illuminate the fairway, realizing a higher-level lighting environment that reduces glare.


Installation date

August, 2019

Golf Garden Forest has a vast, 230-yard fairway and a selection of 9 different greens, and is characterized by how it allows visitors to have a sense of freedom to practice as much as they like in an environment that feels as if they are practicing at a real golf course, despite being in Yokohama City. There are 96 tee-off boxes spread over the 1st and 2nd floors, as well as bunker and putter practice areas, and a parking lot accommodating 120 vehicles.

In August of 2019, the night lighting equipment was refurbished, and the fairway lighting converted to LED. As part of our promotion of power savings, the tee-off boxes had already been changed to LED lighting, so this time, highly efficient and high-color-rendering LEDioc FLOOD ZEST LED floodlights were installed to replace the existing metal halide lamps installed on the rooftop above the tee-off boxes. The previous lighting fixtures were also Iwasaki Electric products with a brightness of around 180ℓx, so there was no real problem in terms of brightness, but by using the aforementioned LED floodlights that contribute to significant reductions in power consumption with light distribution that suppresses glare, we realized power savings while ensuring an illumination of 200ℓx, and were able to create a pleasant night lighting environment in which the light reliably reaches to where the balls fall 230 yards away. In addition, there is much greenery in the surrounding area, and we are focusing on measures against incursion by flying insects, so by upgrading to LED lighting featuring low insect attractivity we expect to see an effect in terms of fewer flying insects from this season onwards.

Our practice range is positioned in a great location 10 minutes by car from Shimokawai IC on the Hodogaya Bypass, and in addition to our visitors from nearby areas, we also have many visitors come from a wider range, and are open until 10:00 PM, so I think we have created an environment where people can enjoy practicing golf even more comfortably at night.


  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST Simple model 500 Class

    Narrow Angle type - 8

    Middle Angle type - 8

    Wide Angle type - 6

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