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Nansupo (Minami Koriyama Sports Center)Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture

A golf practice range popular with many golfers from early morning until late evening lit with LED lighting, creating a high-quality light environment

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  • LED
  • The golf practice range has a total of 90 tee-off boxes spread over its 1st and 2nd floors, and combinations of 830W/medium-angle and 560W / medium and wide-angle LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights have been installed on top of the roof to uniformly illuminate the fairway.


Installation date

January, 2017

Nansupo (Minami Koriyama Sports Center) is one of the largest golf practice ranges in Koriyama, offering a full range of facilities including a total of 90 tee-off boxes spread over its 1st and 2nd floors, a spacious 300-yard fairway, greens and bunker practice areas, and a large parking area with space for 150 vehicles. The golf practice range is adjacent to a relaxation facility (Narita Hot Springs) that includes a hot spring, hotel building and beer garden, and has a foot spa to the side of its entrance into which flows abundant water from the same spring water source that feeds Narita Hot Springs. It can be used to freshen up after golf practice, and is also widely popular with locals as a place that can be used free of charge. In January of 2017, Nansupo carried out renovations to its lighting equipment, upgrading all of the lighting for its fairway, tee-off boxes, corridors, clubhouse, parking area and foot bath to LED lighting. Prior to the change, the fairway had been lit at night using 24 units of 1kW metal halide lamps, but these were upgraded to 9 units of 830W and 6 units of 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-output LED floodlights (15 units in total), increasing brightness while reducing the number of lamps used and enabling the realization of large-scale power savings. The lighting for the tee-off boxes and corridors, which are turned on for long periods of time, was also upgraded to LED baselights. Furthermore, LEDioc AREA BRICIA LED streetlights were installed for the parking area lighting in place of the previous mercury lamps, improving brightness while increasing safety, and contributing to reductions in power consumption. The feedback from customers since the renovation has been positive, with comments on how it has become brighter and how people can see where their balls land.



    830W type - 9

    560W type - 6

  • LEDioc AREA BRICIA 120 Class - 4

  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 130W type - 4

  • LEDioc LED Base light 3200ℓm type - 136

  • LEDioc LED Base light for under eaves Class 150 - 5

  • LEDioc LED Base light Class 100 - 2

  • Rainproof/moisture proof type LED lamp - 6

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