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JFE Logistics Corporation Sendai Logistics CenterSendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

LED light illuminates a logistics center belonging to one of Japan's leading logistics companies

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  • Removing the existing shades and installing the 125W LEDioc EYE LAMP SP lights has enabled the light to spread, improving brightness.


Installation date

March, 2020

JFE Logistics Corporation was established in April 2004 as a general logistics company in the JFE Group, which operates steel, engineering, and other businesses worldwide. Its main business is domestic logistics, international logistics, plant engineering/heavy machinery, and warehousing services, etc., where it efficiently combines its unique integrated transportation network to provide high-value-added, proposal-based solutions that optimize customer logistics. In addition, in keeping with the globalization of the economy, they have constructed domestic and international networks, and, as a globally competitive logistics company, use the overall strength of the quality their logistics, which can meet diversifying overseas transportation needs, to make a contribution to their customers' interests.

In March 2020, JFE Logistics Corporation carried out work to replace the lighting in the warehouse at its Sendai Distribution Center, one of the directly operated distribution bases in its network of distribution bases throughout Japan. The warehouse, which comprises two buildings (No. 1 and No. 2), also has 4 product-transport cranes, and was previously illuminated using 102 x 190W ceramic metal halide lamps as high ceiling lighting. However, in order to further increase workplace brightness, improve safety and efficiency, and reduce costs, these were updated to the same number of 125W LEDioc EYE LAMP SP lights.

During the renovation, it was suggested that the existing shades be removed to spread the light around the warehouse, so the conversion to LED lighting only required replacing the lamps and power supply units. The result managed to secure around twice the amount of brightness as the previous system, brightly and safely illuminating the entire space.


  • LEDioc LED EYE LAMP SP 125W - 102

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