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ABC Logitem Corporation Ryomo Logistics CenterAshikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture

A variety of LED lights illuminates a large logistics center boasting a size of roughly 10000m²

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  • LED
  • The cold-storage room is uniformly illuminated by LEDioc DEPOLINER LED high ceiling lighting fixtures with a light distribution compatible with the moving shelves.


Installation date

March, 2020

With a history of more than 50 years since its establishment in 1968, ABC Logitem Corporation is one of the top-ranked comprehensive logistics enterprises in the northern Kanto region, handling comprehensive logistics mainly for frozen and refrigerated foods. They own around 390 refrigerated trucks and provide food storage and delivery services throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area and entire Kanto area. In April 2020, the company opened its Ryomo Distribution Center, which is their third frozen and refrigerated warehouse after the Utsunomiya Distribution Center and the Mibu Distribution Center. The large logistics center boasts a site area of about 30500m² and a building floor area of about 10000m², and includes a warehouse building with frozen/refrigerated warehouses and an office building, as well as a maintenance workshop and a fueling station. Possessing around 90 large/medium-sized refrigerated trucks and running a 24-hour, 365-day inflow/outflow shipping system, the Ryomo Logistics Center is located on the border of Gunma and Tochigi prefectures, near the Kita-Kanto Expressway and Tohoku Expressway interchanges, and plays an important role as a relay base for the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In the lighting design for the Ryomo Distribution Center, as lighting fixtures to illuminate the cold-storage room, careful attention was paid to light distribution in order to prevent shadows when moving the 4-level 1.5m shelves with forklifts, and LEDioc DEPOLINER LED high-ceiling lighting fixtures were selected to create a uniform lighting environment. The lighting fixtures have an IP65 protection rating, and a wide operating-temperature range of -30℃ to +50℃, making them suitable for the cold-storage room, which is set at -25℃.

The adjoining fueling station, maintenance workshop, and car-wash located on the site have been equipped as appropriate with LEDioc FLOOD NEO LED floodlights and/or LEDioc CEILING HB high ceiling lighting fixtures to make for a bright and comfortable work environment. Furthermore, the pole lights that illuminate the perimeter of the building emphasize design and functionality that take into account the view during the day, with LEDioc AREA ALIVIO and LEDioc AREA type-D LED pole lights providing warm light in an incandescent hue.



    90W - 266

    150W - 78

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 40 Class - 16


    type-F - 12

    type-V - 4

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 4

  • LEDioc AREA ALIVIO - 2

  • LEDioc AREA type-D - 1

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