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Factory Lighting

KUREHA VIETNAM CO., LTD.Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Iwasaki LED lighting creates a safe and comfortable workplace for a high-quality, food-products packaging company dedicated to strict cleanliness standards

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  • Iwasaki LED lighting improves quality control, critical to food processing operations.


Since 1944, the Kureha company has been a leader in food-products packaging technology, believing its mission is to benefit both people and the environment. In 2008, Kureha opened an operation in Vietnam where it manufactures single-layer polyvinylidene chloride film and multi-layered shrink film. The film is sold around the world as casing material for fish and meat sausages, and as packaging material for fresh meat and dairy products. In order to provide safe and high-quality products to customers, the company obtained standard certification for food safety from the British Retail Consortium. In order to prevent introduction of foreign substances into food during the manufacturing process which is strictly regulated by the BRC- Kureha specified Iwasaki LED lighting for the operation. 1700 LED luminaires were installed above the factory floor, and the increased brightness has enabled continuous improvement in manufacturing processes. Employees report a cleaner and safer workplace environment, and the company believes customer satisfaction is increasing as well.


  • LED Tube 20W - 1700

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