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Factory Lighting

Tomoe Corporation Oyama FactoryOyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

A change to LED lighting at a large factory with a steel-frame processing capacity of 30000t per year creates significant power savings and a safe and comfortable visual environment

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  • The spacious factory interior has a high ceiling and is lit by 250W LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ lights, which have a brightness equivalent to 1000W metal halide lamps. They ensure a set brightness of 400ℓx and realize significant power savings while contributing to an improved working environment.


Installation date

May, 2020

Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Chuo-ward, Tokyo, Tomoe Corporation is an established company that uses unique technologies developed and accumulated over many years to engage in business in a wide range of fields, including general construction, multi-story structures, steel towers, bridges, and general steel frames. The Oyama Factory, which started operation in 1965, is one of three main plants and produces bridges, multi-story structures, steel towers, and general steel frames. It has a steel-frame processing capacity of 30000t per year and is an S-Grade steelworks, which is the highest level in the steel-frame manufacturing factory certification system.

In May 2020, in order to promote power savings, the factory's high ceiling lights and side-lighting (mercury-lamp floodlights) were replaced with LED lighting. The factory produces steel frames, etc., so a high priority is placed on dustproofing, and accordingly LED fixtures with an IP6 protection rating (absolutely no dust penetration) were selected. For the high ceilings, 250W LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ LED high ceiling lighting fixtures with an IP65 protection rating were installed, while for the side-lighting, for which excessive brightness was a concern, LEDioc μs LED high ceiling lighting fixtures using glare-controlled surface emission were installed. In addition to saving power and improving brightness, they contribute to the creation of a brighter, safer, and more comfortable work environment.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ 250W - 273

  • LEDioc μs - 17

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