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Factory Lighting

Sanetsu Industry Co., Ltd. Ibaraki FactoryKasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Realizing large-scale reductions in power consumption and a comfortable lighting environment through a change to LED lighting for factory, office, and outdoor lighting

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  • The new factory is lit with 180W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights, creating a comfortable lighting environment that suppresses glare and uneven brightness.


Installation date

March, 2017

Sanetsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a subcontracting manufacturer of plastic components for clients in a wide range of fields, including medical, lighting, and telecommunications / measurement equipment, and has established consistent technology relating to component manufacturing that covers the development and prototype stages through to mass production and assembly. In March of 2017, the company added a new factory to its Ibaraki factory premises, located in Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture. All lighting is LED lighting, and the lighting fixtures in the existing buildings were also upgraded to LED lighting. 180W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ high-ceiling lighting fixtures, which have a brightness equivalent to or greater than 400W metal halide lamps, were installed for the new factory's high ceiling, ensuring sufficient luminance for the factory interior where precision-demanding component machining work takes place. Power conservation has been aimed for in the office areas as well, with the previous fluorescent lamp fixtures being upgraded to LED baselights. Meanwhile, for the lighting fixtures for the passageways, around the entrances, and for the parking area, sensor lights that turn on when a human presence is detected have been employed, while attention has been paid also to anti-insect measures for thorough quality control, including making the LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS LED approach lights an incandescent color. The effects of power conservation have already been felt since the upgrade to LED lighting by electricity charges being able to be kept significantly under control, and the company is proactively considering future involvement in further power-saving measures.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ180W - 32

  • LEDioc LED Baselight

    (13400ℓm Type) - 87

    (6900ℓm Type) - 39

  • LEDioc LED Downlight Class200 - 43


    TYPE D - 5

    TYPE G - 2

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO - 5

  • LEDioc LED Light Bulb S - 3

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