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Factory Lighting

Tokyo Seira Kogyo CorporationSagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Switching factory lighting to LED to promote power savings and increase brightness

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  • LED
  • The light evenly illuminating the factory with its ceiling height of around 8m comes from 110W special-environment LEDioc HIGH-BAY α lights, which have a brightness equivalent to that of 400W mercury lamps.


Installation date

September, 2019

Leveraging its technical expertise in screw manufacturing acquired over the 85 years since its foundation, Tokyo Seira Kogyo Corporation is a company that manufactures mainly screw-attached plugs, piping connectors, and oil supply bolts incorporated in automotive engines and transmissions. The company's proprietary production management system enables high-variety and quick-turnaround production, and our strength is our system that can respond quickly to diverse needs, from small-scale prototype manufacturing to mass production.

As one of the measures to reduce environmental impact at Tokyo Seira Kogyo Corporation, we carried out work in September 2019 to change our factory lighting to LED, aiming to promote power savings while increasing brightness in the factory building and under the eaves and improve the working environment. We had been investigating a change to LED lighting for several years, but the factory has skylights and is relatively bright in the daytime, so the change had not been made because on sunny days the ceiling lights were not turned on until the evenings. However, it is also true that we needed to constantly pay attention to the maximum demand for electric power, and after taking into account how recent LED lighting fixtures have evolved and become easier to introduce in terms of price, we were able to make a well-timed switch to LED with a Sagamihara City subsidy supporting business power conservation measures. 14 units of 110W special-environment LEDioc HIGH-BAY α LED high ceiling lighting fixtures were installed in place of the existing 24 units of 250W HID lamps, achieving increased brightness with fewer lamps and creating a pleasant and highly uniform lighting environment.

The change to LED lighting has allowed sufficient brightness to be ensured for wherever workers' hands may be, which has in turn led to an improved work environment. In addition, 2 LEDioc DEPOLINER LED baselights have been installed under the eaves of the factory to replace the previous twin 40W fluorescent lamps. They feature a compact design and are highly rated for their ability to efficiently illuminate wider areas with their circular light distribution. LED lighting is easy to use because it can be turned on or off instantaneously, and while we expect it will contribute to further energy savings, we also have a real sense of having been able to create a safer and comfortable lighting environment by making the entire factory brighter.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY α 110W Special-environment Type - 14

  • LEDioc DEPOLINER 60W - 2

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