Factory Lighting

Chubu Plant Service Co., Ltd. Taki Biopower No. 2Taki Town, Taki District, Mie Prefecture

Safely illuminating a wood biomass fueled renewables power plant

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  • LED
  • Nighttime view of Taki Biopower No. 2.

  • Water resistant LEDioc MULTILINE luminaires are suitable for exterior use.

  • Compact and lightweight LEDioc FLOOD NEO floodlights in situ.

  • With ample levels of illuminance for work and maintenance provided through a Cool White color, safety levels are increased at night.


Installation date

October, 2022

Operating as part of the Chubu Electric Power Group, Chubu Plant Service Co., Ltd. is an engineering services company which since its founding in 1961 has been shouldering responsibility for the stable supply of the electricity which represents an essential part of a comfortable everyday life. Building upon the wealth of experience and technical know-how it had accumulated over several years through the design, construction and maintenance of coal and then nuclear power plants, in 2016 the company opened its wood biomass powered Taki Biopower - a project carried out entirely in-house from conception through to completion; October 2022 saw the addition of a second plant, Taki Biopower No. 2 on the same site. Spanning 5709m², the site has a power generation scale of 1990kW achieved through an annual consumption of 30000 tons of woodchip.

Carbon neutral wood biomass power generation is gathering interest as a renewable energy source that can help towards limiting the increase in the concentration of airborne CO₂, and with its two wood biomass power plants, Chubu Plant Service Co., Ltd. is working towards making a carbon free future a reality, meeting the hopes and expectations of those involved with the forestry sectors and indeed everyone in Mie Prefecture, and also coexisting in harmony with the region as a whole.

The lighting requirements at Taki Biopower No. 2 specified that luminaires must offer high levels of ingress protection in addition to avoiding exposure of the cabling for luminaires used at the plant; highly durable against rain and wind, and keeping cable exposure to an absolute minimum, the corridors are illuminated with waterproof LEDioc MULTILINE luminaires, with LEDioc FLOOD NEO floodlights installed in areas where instrument verification and monitor based observation are required. A facility supported by 24 hour monitoring, the wood biomass power plant is illuminated by low energy and low maintenance LED light, heightening safety levels at night.


  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 13

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO class 20 - 2

  • Lighting Control System ITACS-M - 1