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Factory Lighting

Akiyama Seiko Co., Ltd. Ishioka FactoryIshioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture

New Ishioka factory sets standard for power conservation efforts with solar power installation and latest LED lighting

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  • LED
  • The arrangement of the LED high ceiling lighting fixtures (LEDioc HB200 / wide-angle light dispersion) suppresses hot spots and shadows to comfortably light the factory.


Installation date

February, 2013

Akiyama Seiko Co., Ltd. has more than 80 years of history in special steel manufacturing and machining. In February 2013, the company added a new building to its Ishioka site. The new factory has a size of roughly 4500m² , and what makes it special is the fact that it is designed to set the standard in power conservation and environmental consciousness. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, and an application has been submitted for the site to become an official power generation enterprise ("Akiyama Seiko Ishioka Solar Power Plant" is the proposed name). A highly economical, German-made compressor has also been installed.Meanwhile, LED lighting has been used for all of the ceiling lighting. High levels of brightness and uniformity in light distribution were sought to the best extent possible. The selection of lighting fixtures took place after demonstrations at Iwasaki's "i-Labo" showroom and on-site lighting trials. LED high-ceiling lighting fixtures (LEDioc HB) were eventually chosen with eighty 200W units being installed. Additional units were being considered if the luminance was not sufficient, but the factory managers are finding that the required levels are being provided. The result has achieved both power savings and a safe and comfortable lighting environment.


  • LEDioc HB200 - 80

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