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Factory Lighting

Tetsumi Jidosha KogyoKariya City, Aichi Prefecture

LEDioc μs lights that use surface emission to greatly reduce glare comfortably illuminate an entire area and contribute to an improved work environment

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  • LED
  • The LEDioc μs lights have a brightness equivalent to 400W metal halide lamps. They realize both improved brightness and significant power savings.


Installation date

August, 2018

Tetsumi Jidosha Kogyo is a company mainly engaged in car body remodeling. The company also does paint work, and due to a perceived lack of brightness from its existing mercury lamps, as well as the fact that the production of mercury lamps will be discontinued in 2020, the introduction of LED lighting had been considered, but the characteristic glare produced by LEDs was a factor that made them anxious.

Accordingly, a proposal was made for the use of LEDioc μs LED high ceiling lighting fixtures, which greatly reduce glare through the use of surface emission. Trials with demonstration equipment were well received due to improved brightness without any glare alongside minimal shadow generation, so an upgrade of all existing mercury lamps to LEDioc μs lights was carried out.

Feedback on how much brighter the light is since the introduction has been positive. The absence of shadow is important where paint work on the cars takes place, so illuminating the entire space comfortably with low-glare LED lighting also contributes to an improved work environment.


  • LEDioc μs - 25

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