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Chuko Electric Co., Ltd. Kuki FactoryKuki City, Saitama Prefecture

A change from mercury lamps to LED lighting delivers a brighter workplace plus large-scale power savings

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Installation date

September, 2012

Chuko Electric Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Kawaguchi City in Saitama Prefecture. It has been involved in the manufacture and assembly of power control machinery such as switchboards, control boards and power transformers over the 90 or so years since its establishment. The company recently renovated the lighting in its factory located in Kuki, also in Saitama Prefecture. Power conservation was the overwhelming aim so LED fixtures were chosen. High-performance / high output LED high ceiling lighting fixtures(LEDioc HB200) were installed in place of the previously installed 400W mercury vapour light fixtures which had deteriorated over the years. LED floodlights (LEDioc FL90) were also installed on the wall surfaces, ensuring vertical-plane luminance. Compared to before the renovation, the area is much brighter. The safe and comfortable lighting environment that has been created is well appreciated given the various processes undertaken involving assembly, sheet metal, coating and testing. The lighting renovations also involved the power supply being repartitioned into 3 zones that can be individually turned on or off. This has made greater power savings possible. Lights in specific zones are able to be simply turned off when they are not required. Electricity costs have been roughly halved since the renovations, and the large power savings have been well received. Positive comments are also being offered over the expected large-scale reductions in maintenance requirements due to the long lifespan of LED lighting and over the fact that the light sources do not attract insects due to the light including none of the long-wave ultraviolet light that insects like.


  • LEDioc HB200 - 36

  • LED Base Light - 7

  • LEDioc FL90 - 29

  • LEDioc LED Light Bulb - 1

  • LEDioc LED EYE LAMP - 1

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