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Factory Lighting

Sanko Gosei Ltd. Toyama FactoryNanto City, Toyama Prefecture

Detailed lighting patterns from a wireless individual dimmer control system realize power savings while comfortably lighting a factory interior

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  • LED
  • The curing area is lit with LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights, ensuring sufficient brightness and contributing to an improved work environment.


Installation date

March, 2017

Sanko Gosei Ltd. is a leading company involved in plastics precision manufacturing for components and finished products, and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of molded plastic products for automotive components, industrial electronic and telecommunications equipment, household electric appliances, residential facilities, and nursing supplies, as well as the design and manufacture of molds. The company is aiming at reducing its burden on the environment, and to that end is proceeding with a changeover to using LEDs in its Toyama Factory. It has made use of the existing wiring, and installed 120W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights, which are equivalent to 400W mercury lamps, and 180W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights, which are equivalent to 400W metal halide lamps, as high-ceiling lamps with two kinds of brightness separated according to different ceiling heights. Individual dimming and powering off of the lamps has been enabled through use of the FIT LC wireless individual dimmer lighting control system, which is a wireless and tablet-based lighting control system that has the characteristic features of wireless, such as not requiring any work on the signal wiring, and enabling individual control and pattern settings. The pattern control is used to aim for operation with the lights turned on adjusted to 30% for apparatuses next to windows and 85% elsewhere, realizing large-scale power savings. Flexibility according to use is also possible, such as Individual adjustments being possible whenever factory layout changes or the like take place.
*FIT LC is a registered trademark of NTT FACILITIES, Inc.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ 180W - 120

  • FIT LC controller handset - 120

  • Tablet used for FIT LC settings - 4

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