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Factory Lighting

Kyoei Metal Working Industry Co., Ltd.Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture

LED lighting illuminates factories at a company that grows and develops with the region, contributing to an improved work environment while achieving power savings

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  • 105W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ Simple Model lights equipped with diffusion panels that reduce glare illuminate the factory, contributing to an improved work environment.


Installation date

November, 2019

Located in a valley in nature-rich Unnan City in Shimane Prefecture, Kyoei Metal Working Industry was founded in 1972 with the major role of "protecting places of employment in lightly populated areas", and has since then made efforts as a local industry to develop local communities and improve production technologies. The company is engaged in precision machining for thin-sheet metal, three-dimensional bending for pipes, assembly, and the manufacturing and sales of its own products, and its 6 factories located on a vast site of around 13223m² include a comprehensive lineup of 120 units of manufacturing equipment - one of the largest in the industry in the Sanin region. Our strength lies in our capacity for integrated manufacturing, from material procurement to design, machining, and assembly, and we manufacture over 5000 kinds of metal parts, including kitchen equipment, agricultural machinery, medical and nursing equipment, and construction machinery.

As part of the company's efforts to reduce environmental impact and also in response to the cessation of production of mercury lamps by the end of 2020, we made use of an SII (Sustainable open Innovation Initiative) subsidy to convert all of the lighting in our No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 factories (which had been using 103 mercury lamp fixtures) to LED in November of 2019. In the metalworking industry, work is often performed while looking at metal plate surfaces, etc., so reflected glare from the light sources (elements) in LED lighting fixtures on machined surfaces can be a factor hindering efficient work. The lighting fixtures were selected with due consideration given to this point, leading to 105W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ Simple Model LED high ceiling lighting fixtures being used. The lights come equipped with a panel that suppresses glare as standard and realize a natural light spread, while at the same time reducing reflected glare from elements on metalworking surfaces and contributing to improved work efficiency. Since the upgrade to LED lighting, it has become much brighter, and the change has been well-received by employees. I also think it has led to improvements in work efficiency and quality control in the process for precision machining for thin-sheet metal, where even small scratches are not allowed. In addition, the existing mercury lamps made the factory interior extremely hot in the summer, but this problem has now been resolved, contributing to the creation of a more comfortable work environment.

We only have figures for the actual reductions in power consumption for about six months following the upgrade to LED lighting, so we don't have a real feeling for those as proper values, but we would like to verify the energy saving effects moving forward.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ Simple Model 105W - 103

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