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Mie Hino Motors, Ltd. HeadquartersYokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

Truck and bus company reduces energy costs and improves lighting with LED retrofit

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  • LED
  • The high ceiling features 170W LEDioc LED EYE LAMP SP lights, which deliver plenty of brightness below.


Installation date

September, 2015

Mie Hino Motors is a local dealership for Hino Motors, with onsite sales and maintenance operations for both trucks and buses. In September 2015, the company completed a retrofit project in their 12000 square meter facility, installing LED lighting in place of mercury and high pressure sodium lamps. The objective of the investment was twofold; reduce the electric bill and increase brightness in the work areas. To achieve their goals, Mie Hino Motors specified LEDioc LED EYE LAMP SP lights for the ceiling, and high-output LEDioc NEO Floodlights for the walls. Employees say they enjoy the increased brightness and light coverage in the work space, and report that the lack of shadows is contributing to greater efficiency. Management reports that a significant drop in power expenses is attributable to the new LED lighting.


  • LEDioc LED EYE LAMP SP 170W - 32


    130W - 3

    100W - 2

    80W - 4

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