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Factory Lighting

Suntech CorporationKanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture

LED lighting safely and comfortably illuminates a factory and warehouse at a company that responds to the needs of the times by continuing to engage in flexible manufacturing

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  • The 210W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ lights have a brightness equivalent to that of 700W Mercury lamps, and light the spacious factory to realize significant power savings.


Installation date

July, 2019

Suntech Corporation was founded in 1971 as Uchida Yoko CO.,LTD.'s Kanuma Factory, and was then split off and renamed Suntech Corporation in 1991, under which name it continues to do business today. The company focuses on office furniture, and develops, designs, manufactures, and sells a wide variety of products, including workstation furniture for next-generation work styles, system-storage furniture for schools, presentation equipment furniture, customized furniture to meet customer needs, order-made lockers for public bath and sports facilities, and coin lockers for stations and airports. Our factory is outfitted to enable integrated production for steel, covering from sheet metal to welding, painting, and assembly, so that we can respond quickly to the demands of our customers, and our strength is being able to handle small-to-medium sized lots of many products based on our developmental and technological capacities acquired over many years.

The company headquarters and factory are located in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, and include a factory building and a warehouse building each with a total floorspace of just over 9900m² on a site just over 33000m² in size. Suntech is promoting a change to LED lighting in stages as part of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact, and following on from the conversion from fluorescent lamps to LED lighting conducted around five years ago, we carried out renovations to change the lighting fixtures with metal halide lamps or other light sources used in the factory and warehouse buildings to LED lighting. 99 units of LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ LED high ceiling lighting fixtures were installed in the factory building, providing highly uniform light to the spacious area with a ceiling height of 15m. 40 units of LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ+ lights were installed in the warehouse building, with further power savings being achieved by taking into account the times there are no people there and providing human-detection sensors for the lights. LEDioc explosion-proof lighting fixtures have also been put in place in the paint warehouse.

With this LED lighting renovation, we realized significant power savings while brightening entire areas, and were able to secure sufficient brightness to make shadow formation difficult, and we believe this will contribute to an improved work environment.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ 210W Class 3000 - 99

  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ+ Human detection sensor type 160W - 40

  • LEDioc Explosion-proof type Lighting Fixture - 7

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