Environmental Simulation Systems

Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd., Sakura Technology Innovation CenterSakura City, Chiba Prefecture

EYE Super Xenon Tester XER-W83 brings weather resistance testing capabilities to this research base, where new business creation is supported through communication and innovation

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  • Daytime view of the Sakura Technology Innovation Center, which is designed and constructed in an environmentally conscious manner in keeping with its aspirations supporting a sustainable society.

  • EYE Super Xenon Tester XER-W83, which is able to closely replicate the conditions of natural outdoor exposure.

  • The large touch-screen panel offers ease of operation and monitoring, enabling configuration of conditions and confirmation of operational status.

  • The open feel of the laboratories and offices in the STIC.

  • The bright and open-plan office areas of the STIC.


Installation date

December, 2021

Headquartered in Chuo City, Tokyo, Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a chemicals manufacturer that makes use of its unique technological capabilities to develop a broad range of products and materials which includes pigments, coloring agents, inks, and even resin compounds.

The Dainichiseika Fine Polymers Division within this company is tasked with the development, manufacture, and sales of materials such as urethane resins and coloring agents used for artificial leather and molded products, special coating agents and adhesives conferring additional functionality, and imide resins being a representative of heat resistant resins. In December 2021 the Dainichiseika Fine Polymers Division established the Sakura Technology Innovation Center (STIC) as its open innovation research base, within the company's Sakura Manufacturing Site located in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. Founded on the theme of "co-cooperation", the core concept behind the STIC is "working to support SDGs and a sustainable society" through the fostering of effective internal and external communication. Spacious and open-plan offices can be found on levels 1.5 and 2, where colleagues are able to take on the challenges of creating new and planning new technologies and new products in a supportive and mutually inspiring environment.

Aspiring towards new business development through innovation and communication with clients across the globe, the STIC is equipped with a comprehensive array of facilities including synthesis and coating laboratories, analysis rooms, a beads room, a product laboratory, and a pilot coating room; the durability testing room located on the first floor is where the EYE Super Xenon Tester XER-W83 weather resistance tester of Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. has been installed. Able to produce light closely replicating that of natural sunlight, the equipment enables accelerated life testing through faithfully recreated environmental degradation conditions. Coupled with the similarity to outdoor exposure conditions it provides, the tester features high levels of uniformity as well as ease of operation and monitoring. Moreover, its multiple testing racks allow for multiple items to be tested at once. The tester is being put to good use in the testing of automotive related materials, and the development of highly durable and yet environmentally considerate materials.