Environmental Simulation Systems

Takata Corporation, North American Headquarters, Safety Research FacilityAuburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.A.

High-Speed Imaging LED Lighting System Upgrade

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  • High intensity white light from new DUELL fixtures illuminates the safety test sled. Crash test dummies are placed in seats on the test sled, and multiple high speed cameras are used to record crash simulation tests.

  • A view of the test cell area with the DUELL lights off and the room lights on. Portable DUELL lights on roller stands are visible to the left and right of the test sled.

  • Each overhead array is equipped with 12 LED fixtures.

  • View of Takata's Auburn Hills, Michigan facility.


Installation date

December, 2015

EYE Lighting of North America's Applied Optics group completed a lighting retrofit project at Takata's North American headquarters in December, 2015. In addition to functioning as the regional headquarters for sales and administration, this facility also contains a very large safety research and development center with two vehicle test sleds, multiple static test cells, and a large materials test center. Takata identified a need to upgrade the lighting system used for high speed imaging for the older of its two vehicle test sleds. The original lighting system utilized a total of twenty 4000 Watt metal halide lamps mounted in an overhead array to illuminate the sled area during high speed imaging events. However, this lighting system had become unreliable and required frequent and expensive maintenance to remain operational. Takata began exploring alternate light sources and began pursuing an LED option. After a competitive review process, Takata selected the IWASAKI DUELL 1100 Watt LED lighting system to replace the original metal halide lighting. Twenty-four medium beam spread DUELL lamps were used to retrofit the existing overhead array. The DUELL provides many improvements over the old system including a significant reduction in energy consumption and heat energy transfer to the test sleds, instant on/off operation, sunshine replicating white light, and little to no ongoing maintenance. The DUELL also features flicker-free operation which is critical to successful high speed imaging.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1100W type