Environmental Simulation Systems

Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd.Hsinchu County Hukou Township, Taiwan

The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 super-accelerated weathering tester introduced at a Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer highly regarded around the world

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  • The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 features excellent correlation and high uniformity.

  • The specimen table drum, which allows testing of multiple items at once.

  • A large touch panel that enables easy operation and monitoring allows the user to set conditions and check operational status.

  • The headquarters building during the day.


Installation date

August, 2020

SYM is a motorcycle brand manufactured and sold by Taiwan's Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, where motorcycles are incredibly popular, the company is one of the three major motorcycle manufacturers alongside KYMCO and Yamaha, and its superior performance and cost-performance are highly regarded not only in Taiwan, but also in European countries, the United States, Oceania, and Asia. In the domain of 4-wheeled vehicles, they have formed a technology partnership with Korea's Hyundai Motor Company to produce Hyundai-brand 4-wheeled vehicles under license.

In August 2020, Sanyang upgraded its weathering tester, replacing its existing carbon-arc weathering tester with the xenon-type EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83. Conventionally, carbon-arc testers have been the mainstream weathering testers in Taiwan, but with the changing times, the Taiwanese market is starting to upgrade to xenon testers.

The EYE weathering tester, which can perform tests under conditions that most closely match the spectral distribution of sunlight, is being used as a super accelerated weathering tester with high correlation and variable illumination in the testing of materials for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles that are exposed to sunlight outdoors.