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New Applied Optics Test Laboratory for SUV and XER Weathering Chambers

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  • The new test laboratory contains 4 chambers.

  • Entrance to The test laboratory has a professional appearance.


Installation date

May, 2019

EYE LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL, Applied Optics Business Team has opened a new weathering chamber test laboratory to help expand the material testing business and EYE SUV and XER chamber sales in the North American market. The material test business offers an excellent opportunity for customers to understand the features and benefits of EYE SUV and XER weathering chambers.

The new test laboratory opened in May, 2019 and contains 4 chambers, (2) SUV-W161 units, (1) XER-W75 configured with the high-intensity sample holder, and (1) new XER-W83 that is configured to run international testing standards such as ASTM D7869. The test laboratory has a professional appearance, and is also used for hosting customer visits, training employees, and training external sales representatives.The metal halide Super UV chamber is considered an "emerging" technology in North America and Europe. Customers use xenon lamp and fluorescent UV lamp testers, and almost all international testing standards specify the use of those tools. The metal halide Super UV chamber offers the potential for significantly accelerated test results compared to standard testing tools.

The new test lab provides the customer prospects the opportunity to experiment with the Super UV chamber with their own materials, to validate that accelerated results are attainable, and then to use those results to justify the purchase of their own equipment. There is growing international awareness about the Super UV chamber, and more customers are interested in the potential time savings from using this tool. Customer R&D testing that might take years to conduct in a xenon chamber may be completed in only months using the SUV-W161, and this is very intriguing to many customers involved with R&D and product development in the international market.


  • EYE SUPER UV TESTER SUV-W161 (North America Spec. Metal halide lamp type) - 2 units


    XER-W75 (Xenon lamp type) - 1

    XER-W83 (Xenon lamp type) - 1