Environmental Simulation Systems

Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology Industrial Research CenterKariya City, Aichi Prefecture

An EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 super-accelerated weathering tester playing an active role at a comprehensive technical support organization for regional companies

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  • The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 uses a xenon lamp and filter to allow testing under conditions closest to the spectral distribution of sunlight.

  • The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 is a weathering tester standardized according to ISO, JIS, ASTM, and other domestic and international standards.

  • It features easy operation with a large touch panel that makes it easy to check condition settings and operation status.

  • A view of the exterior of the facility during the day.


Installation date

February, 2020

Located in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology's Industrial Research Center is a branch of the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology, which is headquartered in Toyota City. The Owari Textile Research Center, the Mikawa Textile Research Center, the Mikawa Ceramic Research Institute, and the Seto Ceramic Research Institute exist for the textile and ceramic industries, which are Aichi Prefecture's local industries, and the Industrial Research Center handles all other fields, providing technical support in the industrial technology field for a wide range of industries, including machinery, metals, plastics, and lumber in the prefecture, which has a thriving manufacturing industry.

The center conducts research, development, and evaluation of organic and inorganic chemical materials, metal and surface treatment technologies, wood materials and logistics technologies, bio- and nanotechnologies, machine technology, and next-generation batteries, and strives for wide dissemination of the results, while also providing local companies with comprehensive technical consultation, technical information, and technical development. It is equipped with a variety of testing and research equipment to respond to company requests for testing, analysis, and measurement of various materials and products, and in February 2020, upgraded its super-accelerated weathering test equipment with the introduction of an EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 super-accelerated weathering tester from Iwasaki Electric. The center previously had used carbon arc accelerated weathering testers such as the Sunshine Weather Meter, but this was the first time that one of the increasingly standardized xenon-lamp accelerated weathering testers had been installed, and we believe it will contribute to the enhancement of our inspection system.

It is currently fully operational and handling requests from a variety of companies, while also playing a useful role in technical support initiatives for local companies.