Environmental Simulation Systems

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. Research and Development CenterChiryu City, Aichi Prefecture

The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 - a super-accelerated weathering tester that operates within a wide illumination range

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  • The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83, a super-accelerated weathering tester equipped with a xenon lamp that approximates natural light and is the standard weathering tester for both domestic and international standards.

  • The touch panel is easy to operate/monitor and allows easy condition setting, improving testing efficiency.

  • A view of the research and development center during the day.


Installation date

May, 2020

Headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, the Tsuchiya Group is a corporate group that has at its core Tsuchiya Co., Ltd., a general trading company that focuses on automobiles, IT, and electronics-related products. We handle a wide variety of products, including automotive parts, electronics, paints, ceramics, chemicals, and fiber products, and we have sales offices, research and development centers, and affiliated manufacturing companies in Japan and around the globe. Our research and development centers are located in Chiryu City in Aichi Prefecture and Sapporo City in Hokkaido, and it is here that we use our state-of-the-art facilities to develop new technologies and products that apply leading-edge science and technology.

In May 2020, the company introduced an EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 super-accelerated weathering tester at its research and development center in Chiryu City, as the xenon weather meter previously used there had become worn out. ISO standards, JIS standards, and customer standards specify irradiance levels ranging from the standard 60W/m² to high-energy 180 W/m², and while investigating test equipment that could operate in this wide range of illuminance, we learned that the tester from Iwasaki Electric not only had a wide range of irradiance, but could also control the black-panel temperature, the temperature inside the chamber, and the temperature during rainfall. We sought cooperation in terms of advance surveys and trials for the installation, and when doing so, we were able to confirm the degree of control of the black panel and the temperature inside the chamber under the standard 60W and 180W high-energy conditions, following which we were able to confirm improved reproducibility with the market and exposure tests, along with the capacity for the black panel and the temperature inside the chamber to be raised to higher temperatures. Furthermore, we also confirmed that not only control of shower + temperature, but also that of condensation + temperature is possible, and that a wide range of condition settings can be used. Accordingly, we decided to introduce this tester because it is affordable for an accelerated weathering tester, can perform tests under the various conditions specified in the standards, and can be set to conditions that can shorten product development periods.

With its high technological capacity as a lighting manufacturer, there is also trust in Iwasaki Electric's xenon lamps. In accelerated testers it is important to develop filters tailored to sunlight, and filters for wavelength adjustment are also important for interior applications. As a specialist manufacturer, we expect to make use of our experience and expertise in optical control.