Environmental Simulation Systems

Rhombic Corporation Polymer Testing / Analysis CenterYokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

Contributing to accurate and speedy weatherproof testing - the EYE SUPER UV TESTER

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  • The SUV-W161 EYE SUPER UV TESTER is able to handle commissioned testing from clients.

  • The SUV-W161 EYE SUPER UV TESTER enables setting and free control of UV-ray intensity via touch-panel, and is used to realize highly reliable weather resistance testing.

  • The SUV-W161 EYE SUPER UV TESTER installed in the Polymer Testing/Analysis Center.


Installation date

March, 2017

Rhombic Corporation is a company expanding with a focus on polymer compounds in a wide range of business fields related to polymers, including the logistics/operations services business and polymer testing and analysis business. The company's analysis business involves the provision of optimum designs that leverage high-precision analysis technology and a wealth of experience, and it receives orders from clients in a variety of industries and performs analysis and evaluations on a wide range of polymer materials, from general use polymers to engineering plastics. In March of 2017, the Polymer Testing/Analysis Center upgraded its EYE SUPER UV TESTER, which is a super-acceleration weather resistance testing machine used to test durability with respect to exposure to outdoor conditions, to the new SUV-W161 model. Height-adjustable to handle a variety of samples, the SUV-W161 is extremely user-friendly, and its ability to set UV-ray intensity via touch-panel and constantly verify fixed intensity via a monitor is also highly rated. The SUV-W161 EYE SUPER UV TESTER has improved maintenance and operability, and with its super acceleration effect more than ten times that of sunshine weather resistance testing machines, it is able to drastically shorten testing periods to contribute to the realization of accurate and speedy weather resistance testing.