Environmental Simulation Systems

Sumibe Research Corporation Ltd.Kashiwara City, Osaka

IWASAKI Electric's accelerated weathering tester EYE SUPER UV TESTER continues to play a key role in research and development across a wide variety of industrial fields at the analysis and evaluation center

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  • Three units of EYE SUPER UV TESTER in situ.

  • Specimen platform.

  • Touch-screen control panel for the weathering tester EYE SUPER UV TESTER SUV-W161.

  • Exterior daytime view of Sumibe Research Corporation Ltd., Osaka.


Installation date

March, 2022

Sumibe Research Corporation Ltd. is an organization whose business and operations are focused on the testing and analysis of the composition and characteristics of materials and substances, alongside the undertaking of commissioned research and investigative works.

From impact testing to electrical breakdown testing, the company undertakes a wide scope of commissioned testing, providing support and assistance towards research and development activities, and production development activities across numerous industrial fields. A wide range of testing equipment has been assembled in the field of weathering test, including methods using Xenon lamps to meet the requirements of standard testing, and also methods using metal halide lamps for a further accelerated process. Additionally, the introduction of the modified EYE SUPER UV TESTER SUV-W161 means that the requirements of JIS A 1501: Accelerated weathering test method for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride windows and doors by Metal Halide Lamps that were newly enacted in November 2021, can now also be accommodated.

IWASAKI Electric has supplied 3 units of the metal halide type accelerated weathering tester EYE SUPER UV TESTER, and these are being used across all types of commissioned testing. As the performance of building materials, UPVC, and paints continues to improve year on year, visible deterioration after extended use is becoming a less common occurrence; in order to develop such high-performance materials within a designated time-frame, weathering test able to artificially accelerate the deterioration process becomes an invaluable tool. Using as its light source a metal halide lamp with the ability to produce UV levels over 10 times stronger than natural sunlight, the EYE SUPER UV TESTER facilitates rapid weathering test to meet the needs of contemporary manufacturing where speed is of the essence.