Environmental Simulation Systems

Central Automotive Products Ltd. Solar simulatorOsaka City, Osaka

Solar simulator introduced in a research and development facility with the latest testing/inspection machinery

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  • Solar simulator has been introduced in the artificial climate room, which has equipment large enough to test a whole automobile. The equipment simulates various climates via thermal loads.

  • The artificial climate room, which recreates climates from the four seasons by controlling temperature and humidity.

  • The solar simulator control panel.

  • A daytime view of the exterior of the Nakanoshima R&D Center.


Installation date

June, 2017

Central Automotive Products Ltd. has a history of around 70 years as a manufacturer and seller of automotive components. It mainly sells coating products to car dealerships, and has a great variety of originally developed products available all over Japan. In order to achieve speedy confirmation of the quality, durability, safety and environmental impact of the products it develops, it established the Nakanoshima R&D Center, a facility with the latest inspection machinery, in June of 2017 in Osaka City's Kita ward. In the artificial climate room on the first floor, a variety of climates are simulated using temperature and humidity control and thermal load from solar radiation equipment, and workmanship testing is carried out under more severe conditions to evaluate product workmanship and dryness. The Solar simulator is designed to ensure simulation of conditions close to those of outdoor climates by providing a consistent light environment to car ceilings and bonnets, and uses a combination of environmental testing devices from ESPEC Corp. and Solar simulator from Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. Elevation equipment has been installed to enable handling of different kinds of vehicles with different heights, and a function that provides feedback via a thermocouple is also in place so that sample surface temperatures can be kept constant, which enables the simulation of the same environment for a long time.


  • Infrared Lamp 250W - 64