Environmental Simulation Systems

Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture, Materials Technology DivisionUtsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

Remote operation enabled environmental testing chamber, EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83-T02

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  • The environmental testing chamber EYE SUPER XENON TESTER, equipped with a Xenon lamp which produces a spectral distribution closely recreating that of natural daylight.

  • EYE SUPER XENON TESTER, which boasts excellent correlation and high uniformity amongst its key features.

  • With a touchscreen panel that allows for easy operation and monitoring, the condition settings and operational status can be confirmed.

  • Exterior view of the "Tochigi Industrial Creation Plaza", where the Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture is located.


Installation date

March, 2021

Established as a technological support body working towards the development of the region's creative and dynamic industries, the Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture provides support for small to medium sized local businesses towards the development of new technologies, new product development and advances in engineering.

With a broad range of facilities and apparatus including a variety of analytical instruments and measurement devices, in March 2021 the well-equipped Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture updated its environmental testing chamber with the introduction of Iwasaki Electric's EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83-T02. The equipment is set up to subject test samples such as plastics and painted materials to an accelerated climatic deterioration process through exposure to intense light irradiation and pressurized water sprays.

With the capacity of Xenon lamps to produce a light closely resembling that of natural daylight, the equipment is able to conduct accelerated testing that realistically replicates the effects of real-world environmental degradation; a key feature is that the light can be varied, in addition to offering high levels of correlation with outdoor exposure. With the test equipment being connected to a network, a system has been put in place where both the operation of the equipment and monitoring of its operational status can be conducted remotely though a tablet or PC without the need to be physically present in the testing room, providing added convenience for those using it.