Environmental Simulation Systems

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd.Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture

The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83 introduced at a leading manufacturer of eyeglass lenses

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  • The EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83, a super accelerated weathering tester that uses a xenon lamp and filter to enable testing under the conditions closest to the spectral distribution of sunlight.

  • The 7.5kW xenon lamp turned on.

  • It features easy operation thanks to a large touch panel that enables checking of the condition settings and operation status.

  • A daytime view of the headquarters and its high-tech factory.


Installation date

March, 2019

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of eyeglass lenses headquartered in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Since its founding in 1939, the company has used its abundant experience and solid technological prowess to create the eyeglass lens market, and 2019 sees it celebrate its 80th anniversary. It currently has a 16% market share in Japan and a track record of sales in 60 countries overseas.

As a specialized spectacle lens manufacturer, it has an integrated system that ranges from lens material development to design, processing and sales. Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. has a thorough production and inspection system in place in order to protect its trusted product quality, and in March 2019, they updated their super accelerated weathering tester and introduced the "EYE SUPER XENON TESTER XER-W83" from Iwasaki Electric. Being mainly used for inspecting the degree of deterioration of eyeglass lenses due to ultraviolet rays and light, and - because the lenses are coated several times - also for inspecting the degree of deterioration of the coatings themselves, its purpose is to enhance the inspection system by providing a thorough guarantee of quality.

The testing machine is also used when developing new plastic and coating materials, and in evaluation tests to determine whether Tokai's standards are met.