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Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co. Ltd.Hiji Town, Hayami District, Oita Prefecture

An EYE SUPER UV TESTER contributes to research and development at a company with the world's first advanced functional liquid crystal dimmable film manufacturing technology

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  • The EYE SUPER UV TESTER SUV-W161, which realizes accurate and speedy weathering tests through uniform irradiation of high-intensity ultraviolet rays.


Installation date

December, 2018

Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co. Ltd. is a company involved in the manufacture and sale, and research and development, of materials, devices and products related to optical films, with a focus on functional liquid crystal films. We specialize in liquid crystal films that make full use of our unique technology, and conduct various liquid crystal film research and development, including our development of the world's first ultra-thin liquid crystal dimmable film, called "reverse-mode film", which is transparent with the power turned off but instantly turns cloudy when the power is turned on. Conventionally, dimmable films were "normal-mode films" that turn transparent from a cloudy state when electricity is applied, but reverse-mode films are more convenient because they stay transparent when electricity is not applied, while at the same time their contribution to power savings is also a feature because electricity is unnecessary for their transparency. In addition, the liquid crystal layer itself can be made a wide variety of colors to respond to various needs.

Thin and light functional film sheets have been highly rated by companies both in Japan and overseas as a construction material that fulfills the role of screens to secure privacy and private spaces in commercial facilities, office buildings, and houses, etc., and also as a revolutionary product that can also be used for projector-screen or digital-signage effects due to its high transparency and ability to project images. Recently, demand has been spreading in the automobile industry, including that for automobile films that electrically control smokiness (cloudiness) in window glass, and we are actively expanding our business into domestic and overseas markets.

Kyusyu Nanotec. Optics continues to pursue technology that is ahead of the times by focusing on basic research and development of materials, substrates and components, and was accredited for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (Supporting Industry Program) in 2018, using the grant it received to obtain an Iwasaki Electric EYE SUPER UV TESTER SUV-W161 super-accelerated weathering tester. This metal-halide lamp device can provide earlier evaluations than either xenon-lamp or carbon-arc devices, and due to its amazing acceleration that can reproduce one year's worth of exposure in a minimum of 48 hours, we greatly appreciate how it speeds up the assessments involved in the development of liquid crystal materials and selection of constituent materials.



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