Water Treatment Systems

The Iwasaki Electric UV Water Treatment System designed for preserving water environment via light technology.

UV Sterilization Device “EYE Water Pure” for tap water

Used in combination with chlorination treatment of city water, this UV sterilization device is especially effective for sterilizing microorganisms such as cryptosporidium

Ohashi Water Purification Plant (UV Sterilization Device)
Ippongi Water Resource in Kumamoto Prefecture (UV irradiation)
Ippongi Water Resource in Kumamoto Prefecture (UV irradiation)

Running water sterilization “STERI-EYE W”

Sterilizer “STERI-EYE W” is widely used to treat raw water, cleaning water, and waste water, at food processing factories and electronic equipment manufacturing plants

For sterilization of hot spring water at spas
Ultraviolet sterilization of river water, sensitive to the maintenance of ecosystems
Shin Teshima River Greenway, Toyonaka City, Osaka

UV Sterilization Device “EYE Drain Pure” for wastewater

Protecting the quality of water discharged into oyster cultivation areas, the system provides a chemical-free anti-norovirus measure
Fishing Village Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Oura/Osawa District, Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture